Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring System


Project that will provide fully functional IoT based platform for general purpose environmental parameters monitoring

Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring System

The RTEPMS will represent sensor platform which is able to collect, send and process sensor data to an efficient way. By developing expert modules for various applications we will be able to provide complete service from designing and installing sensor units to transforming row data to useful information and decision making. The initial plan is to take advantage of experts from the RWMC company and to develop several expert system modules for drinking water monitoring, swimming water quality and fish farming. Based on the real needs, additional modules will be developed during and after the Project realization.

The Platform will not be limited to specific equipment, i.e. sensor nodes, and end users will be able to make choice of using our sensor units or sensor units from other manufacturers. Equipment compatibility will be allowed by defining special adapter modules for the most popular solutions that can be found on the market.


University of Donja Gorica

Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies

PE “Regional Waterworks for the Montenegrin Coast”

Public Enterprise


Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring System

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