New ECOMON project is perfectly aligned with an existing action called RTEPMS being implemented in partnership with Regional Waterworks for the Montenegrin Coast company, which is sponsored as innovated project by the Ministry of Science, Montenegro. This action targets development of the IoT platform to be used by IoT sensor nodes to be used for monitoring water quality parameters, but also for environmental purposes. Additionally, the RTEPMS project should produce prototypes of sensor nodes for water quality monitoring. The RTEPMS platform together with sensors nodes will be used to develop new expert system modules that target specific user applications such as: rivers, lakes, seacoast, water wells, etc. ECOMON aims at providing an in-house and field lab for IoT equipment and sensor evaluation and it would be extremely beneficial for the RTEPMS action and similar projects in near future.


Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring System

Oktoih BB
Donja Gorica, Podgorica

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